Stratford and St. Marys

Club Contacts

President: Rose Creamer,
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Club Info

Travel is not the only way to become acquainted with our world.  Our club has also welcomed ambassadors from around the world, who have come to know our members and our little corner of Canada. The club was founded in 2010 and currently has 30 members.  Our Club is located in the south-western section of the province of Ontario in Canada. The Stratford and St. Mary’s area is located in prime Ontario farmland, but there is a lot more to see in our area other than just farms. We have an extensive list of interesting attractions for our ambassadors to visit, from live theatre at the world renown Stratford Theatre to an ice sculpture business called Iceculture.  Our club attempts to tailor the program for our visitors focusing on their interests.

Typical Journey

For more information on our local attractions and interesting places that visitors can expect to visit, please refer to our website