Welcome to Canada, one of the largest and most beautiful countries in the world.  It stretches east -west from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans and north-south from the Arctic Ocean to the border with the United States.  Canadians experience extremes in climate from very cold snowy winters to hot and dry summers.   A multicultural atmosphere is present across the country and although English and French are Canada’s two official languages one can hear many other languages being spoken by the many peoples from different countries that have settled here. There are majestic mountains to climb and slopes to ski down, beautiful pristine lakes to swim in or go boating on, rushing rivers to navigate and deciduous and coniferous forests to explore as well as steep cliffs,  high tides, remote beaches and many miles of open prairie.  The cities across Canada offer unique architecture, art galleries, museums, shopping, international cuisine and sports events.  Visitors are welcome to explore and discover our many attractions