Under Subscribed Journeys

There are 3 undersubscribed exchanges posted at this this time.

Friendship Force Victoria and Vancouver Island to Toulouse and the Belgian Coast
May 10-26. 2023 Journey# 23022 CAD$ 2800* (indicative)
Journey Coordinator:  Nancy McLaughlin
Expressions of interest to pacificnem@gmail.com

* includes one 6 and one 7 night homestay plus hotels and transportation between two locations; Ambassadors responsible for own air arrangements

Apply for both segments, or only the second segment
Toulouse, France Homestay May 11 – 17 (6 nights)
May 17:  travel from Toulouse to Brussels by train May 17 – 18 nights  hotel in Brussels
The Belgian Coast Homestay May 19 – 26 (7 nights)

Fitness Level Medium
Walk at least 3 km (2 – 3 hours) on cobblestones at one go, walk up inclines or stairs without help, climb into train cars, use stairs in train stations.
Handle own luggage on train between cities; limit one carry-on plus backpack.
Most bedrooms on upper levels of homes. Bathrooms mostly shared with host families

Friendship Force North Bay March 31 – April14, 2023 to Japan – Journey 23111
We are looking for one to three members to go on our Japan Journey to Osaka, from March 31st to April 7 and to Nara,  from April 7th to April 11th, 2023, with a three-day add-on tour to Hiroshima and Tottori. We fly from Osaka on April 15th to Toronto, Ontario.
For more information, please contact joannebernier41@gmail.com

Friendship Force of the Canadian Capital Region to Mongolia  July 9-25th, 2023

Journey Coordinator: Daniel Caya Expressions of interest: madabc@sympatico.ca
Number of openings: approximately 8

The Mongolian club’s program:
Ulaan Baatar (incl. attendance to some of the Naadam Festival events), eight nights homestay.
Two trips (bus) organized by the Mongolian club for a total of 8 nights, where we’ll sleep in Ger camps: “Khos Khad” tourist Ger camp; a camp in Ugii lake; Tsenkher Hot Spring tourist camp; Terkhiin Tsagaan lake; back to Ugii lake (or Kharakhorum city).
Bathrooms: located inside, but we have to share.Bedrooms: some will be multiple, but segregated by gender. Couples in their GERs.
Elevation: between 1335 and 1917m

Price: The Mongolian club is asking $1850US which includes everything but 2-3 meals, and your ambassador dinner and gift.
add 8 nights of FFI fees
add: you will likely want to arrive at least 1 day early to adjust to the time zone (i.e. add hotel and meals)
Flight not included

Fitness level – Medium

Covid Vaccaciation – In the recent past, our club has asked for the two basic vaccines, plus at least one booster shot. People will have to be prepared to follow the local directives in case one gets ill with covid (i.e possible quarantine at your expenses).