Recruitment and Marketing

 (Source:  Eastern Canada Workshop of December 2 -3, 2022)

Travelogues:of a FF journey or an individual member’s travel held in a pub can be a social gathering, get members interested in journeys to locations they might not consider, and could entice non-members to join if the event is posted on Eventbrite. The same Travelogue can be taken to community groups to introduce them to FF.

Traveling Presentations: Arrange to present on FF to attendees at retirement seminars offered by universities colleges, government, large corporations, police, retired teachers, nursing associations.  Review local university lifelong learning courses which might have a travel/ cultural focus and reach out to see whether FF can be mentioned during the course

Mini-Journeys with other clubs: Organize mini-journeys within driving distance of your club and invite prospective members.

Organize national/local committees with recruitment/marketing focus:The purpose is to organize a strategy (article for national magazine/newsletters SAGE, ZOOMER) to target national organizations (which may have regional/local branches) for partnerships.  Potential partners include CARP, NAFR, CAA, Children’s International Summer Villages, etc.

Recruit help from Students: Outreach to colleges and universities to attract students to help them with the development of marketing resources like RACK CARDS, messaging, etc

A club has partnered with students from the Faculty of Medicine (for their community component) to organize neighbourhood walks (during covid lockdown) on World Friendship Day on March 1.

When traveling, always wear your badge and carry FFI business cards with you. If people ask what the badge is, give them an FFI card and tell them there must be a club near them.

If anyone seems interested, invite them to a club dinner. Variation: to avoid the effect “come to a restaurant … and it will cost you $ 30”, use the pot luck / shared meal approach. Example: A new member owned a deer farm, and several people asked him questions about it. Opportunity: The club organized a “modified” dinner sharing where the new member cooked deer dishes, and 2 other members took care of providing the rest. Members had to pay $ 20, and it was 50% for new members. The organizers were reimbursed for their expenses, and the proceeds went to the club.

Encourage your club members to talk about FF on their personal FB page.

Invite people who are not members but who might be interested in taking a trip with your club.

Invite people who are not members to be night, day or dinner hosts. This is a great introduction to FF and the social element is for the person to meet members of your club.

Organize your marketing to target a younger population so that your membership is multigenerational. Promote in organizations that aim to explore diverse cultures, golf club, health and activity clubs, retirement preparation, etc.

Organize meetings and activities in the evening or on weekends.